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Aughnacliffe Dolmen Pendant

November 06, 2020

A unique irish pendant of the Aughnacliffe Dolmen handmade by Elena Brennan Jewellery in Ireland.

Benny came to me with an idea for a pendant. He wanted to surprise his wife of almost fifty years with a pendant shaped like the ancient Dolmen in Aughnacliffe, that they both loved and lived close to, for their 50th Wedding Anniversary.


The Aughnacliffe Dolmen in Co. Longford, the inspiration for the bespoke pendant.

I was hooked....
I didn't realise that his time line was so tight though, he came to me mid July, and their anniversary was mid August. I thought we were still in June!! So by the time I visited the Dolmen and took photos, I had about two weeks left. The pressure was on...
Time to start work! I got 1.6mm sheet silver and drew the image onto it.  Then with a fine jewellery saw, I cut the Dolmen shape from the silver, leaving some grass at the base. And then I started to carve in the details, with little hand engravers ( like chisels).
Time to start working on the Aughnacliffe Dolmen pendant in my jewellery studio in Cavan.
Out of 14ct 0.5mm sheet, I cut out the grass shape, to lay over the silver at the base of the Dolmen. I used the small pic for the shape and size, but I always need a big pic to see all the details. It's the only way to be really accurate.
You can see from the picture above (the first image after soldering on the grass!) the colour of the metals change and it is hard to see the carving so well. Never mind, it will all come up fine when I polish it at the end.


A closer look at the depth and soldering in the Aughnacliffe Dolmen Pendant.


A close look at the depth and soldering of the unique dolmen pendant by Irish Designer Elena Brennan.


Now it's time for polishing up and a wee bit of blackening to bring up the details. I love the blues that come out sometimes with patinating (blackening with ammonium sulphate). You can really see the carving on this piece, you can see from the picture on  my hand - it's a big piece and quite weighty!


All polished and blackened up, the bespoke dolmen pendant is quite big and weighty.


The customer wanted stud earrings to match, so I just created some stones with a clump of grass. 
Matching stud earrings to go with the handmade dolmen pendant by Irish jewellery designer Elena Brennan.


The spiral means a lot to the end wearer, so I did a bit of research on the means behind different spirals.


Researching and encoperating spirals into the handmade dolmen pendant as it held special meaning.


I decided to go with the Luna Goddess spiral.


The Luna Goddess Spiral and Ogham writing is incorporated into the design.


The Dolmen Pendant complete with matching stud earrings.


The Dolmen Pendant is complete with matching stud earrings.


Back of the Dolmen, with the Luna Goddess spiral and the end wearer's name in Ogham. Clearer view of the back. The Ogham reads from bottom to top and says "Catherine".


Ogham writing on pendant saying "Catherine" to add a personal touch to the pendant.


Benny was so delighted that he was almost speechless when he saw the finished pieces.


The finished jewellery set of the Dolmen Pendant and Earring handmade by Irish Jewellery Designer Elena Brennan.


Upon receiving her present Catherine sent this message to me;


"Hi Elena  I just want to tell you how much I admire and love the work you did on my beautiful Dolman pieces. I shall treasure their uniqueness,and wear them proudly.
Benny had agreed I thought (??) to my suggestion that we have a low key Anniversary in these Covid  circumstances and definitely no presents.
I felt like Scrooge on Saturday morning I can tell you.
God bless your talents to make beautiful art."

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