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Congratulations ... you've found your forever love, now to find the perfect ring!

Choose from our beautiful collection of handcrafted rings and find the perfect one.

Bespoke Celtic Wedding Bands, Elena Brennan Jewellery


Fitted Wedding and Engagement ring , Bespoke, Elena Brennan JewelleryWedding Rings Celtic Bespoke, Elena Brennan JewelleryBespoke Opal Engagement Ring, Elena Brennan JewelleryBespoke Topaz Carved Celtic Ring, Elena Brennan Jewellery Special Promise  Ring, Elena Brennan Jewellery Bespoke Yellow and White Gold Wedding Rings, Elena Brennan Jewellery

Lads, if you want to get it right, but still surprise her ... propose with one of our special promise rings. 
Like in olden times, when a twist of hay or horse hair , around her finer , was her promise to be wed.
Later, together come to the studio where I can design up the engagement ring of her dreams!

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