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Recent Commissions

Alongside our ‘off the shelf’ jewellery, we love to design and make specially commissioned pieces.  Each commission is unique, bringing your own individual ideas to life.

Have a look below at some of our most recent commissions and their stories to get an insight into the exciting possibilities that await you.

For more inspiration, have a look at our Commission Gallery and let your imagination run wild!

If you want to find out more about creating your own special piece, you can read about the process, or get in touch, to chat about your ideas!

Mount Everest Pendant

B got in touch to see if I could somehow cut a stone from Base Camp Everest, and set it in a piece of jewellery for his beloved wife.

I came up with a lovely flowy one that suggested a river, or journey of life, flowing towards the stone at it's base. I made a wee gold heart and soldered it on, along with 4 gold balls, to represent the 4 children in their family.

B would climb mountains for his darling wife, their love for each other knows no bounds.

She loved it and there were tears.. on both sides... She had come through a difficult illness, and he and the children, wanted her to know how much they all loved her.

Guardian Angel Wings + Baby Feet Pendant

Special piece commissioned for a wee baby who didn’t make it to this earth. His wings appeared and his soul took flight, before his loving parents even had time to say “Hello”, they had to let him go…

Sterling silver heavy angel wings, with silver baby feet set with birth gemstone dangling inside. Hovering over the wee feet is a delicate 14ct gold butterfly, which symbolises his soul taking flight.

The pendant is worn closed side forward, so that his mum can hold him closer to her heart. On the outside of the closed wings is a little 14ct gold heart, to show how much he is loved and will be forever…

Three Diamond Gold Bangle (Remodelled)

A three stone diamond gold ring split at the back, gently straightened out and handcrafted into something new and special.... creating a new piece of jewellery that holds the same sentimental value to its wearer. She loves it!!

Forever in our Hearts Pendant

A mother taken too soon, leaves a heart shaped hole in her children's hearts, that is filled with love and the sweetest memories.

She will always live in their hearts.

Sterling silver, with 18ct gold heart and 14ct gold butterfly.

Bicycle Lapel Pins

Come for a cycle!

Bicycle lapel pins handcrafted from Sterling silver, with wheels in 9ct rose gold, pedals 14ct yellow gold and saddle 18ct yellow gold.

A special project for some very special ladies who helped so much at a very difficult time in my customers life. This was one of those really special briefs that make me proud of what I do and privileged that I can help in some small way.

Angel Feather Stud Earrings

Angel feathers stud earrings, with 23ct gold leaf detailing. For a special sister, to remind her that their mother is still very close, watching and guiding with love.... always...

Children of Lir Star Locket

A special piece for a lovely lady...

The Children of Lir Sanctuary Locket pendant had caught her eye, but she wanted to add her own personal touch, a longer chain and a shining 14ct gold star nestled inside!

“Follow your star and it will guide you true.”

Delicate Rose Pendant

A delicate Rose pendant, specially created for a wee baby named Róise (Irish for Rose).

I'm wondering....should I start making roses for the website....I'd love to see a rose ring....maybe in gold too?

Coat of Arms Pendant

A special piece based on the customers coat of arms. She just wanted her surname initial on one side and a heraldic lion rampant on the other. Clean simple lines, no bells and whistles. Hand engraved by me.

A note to self, simple straight lines are difficult to engrave as it's so easy to see any slips. I was very happy with the end result and so was she, thank goodness.

Grá Go Deo Ring

A very special ring for a special lady. She loves swans and the meaning behind them.

Swans mate for life, so the words "grá go deo" are written in ogham on the ring along with her husband's name, also in ogham.

With Celtic design detailing on the ring, the finishing touch is a gorgeous swiss blue princess cut stone in a 14 ct gold setting, just above the swans. She loved it!

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