Crosserlough National School, Day 4 :  Perfecting our symbols

May 09, 2016

Crosserlough National School, Day 4 :  Perfecting our symbols

I took smaller groups of children in a spare room today, so that I could help each of them to perfect the symbols that they had decided to make.

Our final piece is going to be a wall hanging with two circles of repeating patterns, 28 in total, the same number as there are children in the class. Each children then got given a spiral shape, to fill with a symbol that represented them.

Later, a legend would be put together, with the child's name and his/her symbol shown together and this will be laminated, ready to go up on the wall beside the finished big wall hanging.

The children put a lot of work into first making these repeating shapes, and then designing, creating ( from coloured wire )and attaching their symbols to the spiral shapes.


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