Small St. Bridget's Cross Pendant

A St. Bridget's cross is traditionally made from rushes or straw. It is believed that the cross protects the home from fire.

Legend tell us an old pagan chieftan lay delirious on his deathbed in Kildare.   His servants summoned Bridget to his bedside, in the hope this saintly woman might be able to calm his restless spirit.  As she sat by his bedside, trying to calm and console him, she picked up some of the rushes and started weaving them together, eventually forming a cross.  As she worked she explained the meaning of the cross to the sick man; how Jesus had died to save all people, including him.  Her calming words brought peace to his soul. He was overcome by the idea that he could be loved so much and was converted to Christianity before he died.

This sterling silver St.Bridget's cross protects the wearer and is suitable for both male and female.  It has beautiful wooden effect detailing on both sides and is hung on an 18" Chain.


Each piece of Elena Brennan's sterling silver and gold Irish jewellery is designed handcrafted in our jewellery studio in Cavan, Ireland and hallmarked in the Assay Office of Ireland in Dublin Castle. The Irish Hallmark is recognised around the world as your guarantee of the highest quality precious metal and Irish craftsmanship.

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