Mise Éire

Mise Éire Collection by Elena Brennan Jewellery


Mise Éire (Mish-a Air-a) 'I am of Ireland '.

Ireland, Éire, Éireann, Hibernia, Emerald Isle, Land of Saints and Scholars, the many names of this ancient land.  She has been the inspiration for great achievements, by a people fiercely proud to be her children.

This jewellery collection gathers together symbols that evoke what it is to be Irish. They can be worn in different ways to create your own Irish story.

Shamrock - Ireland, St Patrick, the green fields of Ireland.

Lily - Symbol of peace, Ireland’s role as a peacemaker, the end of fighting on Irish soil.

Heart - Love that burns in the hearts of every Irish person for Ireland.

These three elements come together at the base of the Éireann pendant to form the Newgrange Tri-Spiral, one of the oldest symbols of Ireland. 
It’s meaning is myriad...
Here it represents life, death and rebirth, as Ireland has emerged from it's troubled past.