Daisy Ring + 14ct ct Buzzy Gold Bee

A lovely delicate, sterling silver daisy ring with 14ct gold beaten and domed centre and a 14ct gold buzzy little gold bee. 

Ever hear the phrase "busy as a bee"? Bees in a hive work repetitively at the same task all day long. A bee who goes out foraging, may fly as many as ten miles a day, gathering pollen and nectar to bring back to the hive, over and over again. A bee may visit more than two million flowers to gather enough nectar to make just one pound of honey.

So bees are rightly associated with hard work and diligence! 

Maybe a good present for a student?  

Weight: 4g


Each piece of Elena Brennan's sterling silver and gold Irish jewellery is designed handcrafted in our jewellery studio in Cavan, Ireland and hallmarked in the Assay Office of Ireland in Dublin Castle. The Irish Hallmark is recognised around the world as your guarantee of the highest quality precious metal and Irish craftsmanship.

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