Children of Lir Round Four Swan Bangle

This is my new Children of Lir cuff, I just love it!  What do you think. The four children are here with one big one which is Fionnuala who looked after her three brothers.
 The centre medallion is surrounded by beaten sterling silver spirals, representing the three seas that the swans were sentenced to live on for 300 years apiece.  
It's also the ancient tri - spiral from the entrance stone at the 5000 year old tomb at New Grange.  One of Ireland's oldest symbols, representing life, death and rebirth. 
I love this bangle's flow and symmetry, stunning, eye catching and just plain gorgeous on any arm!

Weight 25 grams

Made to fit a wrist of 6.5 ins circumference.
Please email if your wrist is extra small or big with measurements please.


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