Buzzy Bee Stud Earrings

 Beautiful little buzzy bees in sterling silver or solid 9ct gold.

 Bees crop up everywhere in history, and writings and even in our everyday sayings. We can be as 'busy as a bee', we 'make a bee-line' for things, we can get 'a bee in the bonnet' and the term 'bee's knees' now refers to something amazing, although actual bee's knees are tiny!!

Irish folklore tells us how easily the bees take offence and this will cause them to cease producing honey, desert their hives and die. You must treat them as you would a member of your own family. They must be told all the news, in particular births, deaths and marriages. In the event of a death their hive must be adorned with a black cloth or ribbon and they must be given their share of the funeral food. You may then hear them gently hum in contentment and they will stay with you.

Bees are, in some cultures, associated with purity. This is because the worker bees that produce honey never mate.

The Greeks believed that a baby whose lips were touched by a bee would become a great poet or speaker.

Ancient Egyptian pharaohs used the honeybee as the royal symbol.In mythology, the bee is a messenger between our world and the spirit realm. Bees are also associated with wisdom.

In Celtic mythology, the bee is a messenger between our world and the spirit realm. 

Bees and honey appear in the Norse Eddas, often connected with Yggdrasil, the World Tree.

If a bee lands on your hand, it means money is coming your way.


If a bee flies into your house, it means that someone is coming to visit. Has the bee  got a red tail or white? Red for a man and white for a lady’. If you kill the bee, the visitor will bring you bad news. 

This is only a small selection of the amazing beliefs and legends associated with bees.  

So get your own gorgeous bees and bring lots of great fortune into your life!!

Weight: 1.5g inc backs

Each piece of Elena Brennan's sterling silver and gold Irish jewellery is designed handcrafted in our jewellery studio in Cavan, Ireland and hallmarked in the Assay Office of Ireland in Dublin Castle. The Irish Hallmark is recognised around the world as your guarantee of the highest quality precious metal and Irish craftsmanship.

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