Mise Éire 1916

"Mise Éire" means "I am of Ireland".

This collection is inspired by the 1916 Rising, when a few fiercely patriotic, idealistic warriors attempted to overthrow the chains of 800 years of English rule in Ireland. The Easter Rising of 1916 was a failure in military terms, but it inspired Irish people to come together, rise up and face the might of an Empire and ultimately succeed in their goal to become a Nation once again.  

I decided to go with symbols to remember these brave men and women who gave their lives for the freedom of Ireland;

Shamrock - Ireland, the right to our own Nation.

Lily - The symbol of peace and the end of fighting on Irish soil.

Heart - The love that burned in their hearts for Ireland.

These three elements come together at the base of the pendant to form the Newgrange Tri-Spiral, one of the oldest symbols of Ireland. Its' meaning is myriad, here it represents life, death and rebirth, as Ireland was reborn as a nation once again in 1916.

100 years a Nation!!